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Graduate Student Advising and Co-Authored Publications


Bongkyun Kim – 2016 – Committee Member, University of Arkansas

Jing Li – 2016 – Committee Member, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Yancheng Xiao 2019– Chair, Fudan University

Yinan Liu 2019– Chair, Advance247 Financial

Benjamin Meadows – 2020 –  Committee Member, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Adrienne Sudbury – 2020 – Committee Member, Longwood University

Cora Bennett – 2021 – Committee Member, University of Notre Dame (Lecturer)

Eunsik Chang – 2021 – Chair, Mississippi State University

Richard Beem – 2022 – Committee Member, U.S. Bureau of Census

Bokseong Jeong – 2022 – Committee Member, California ISO

Publications with Graduate Students

Harris, Matthew C., Jinseong Park, Donald J. Bruce, and Matthew N. Murray (2017). “Peacekeeping Force: Effects of Providing Tactical Equipment to Local Law Enforcement.” American Economic Journal: Economic Policy  9(3), 291-313.

Kim, Bongkyun, Celeste K. Carruthers, and Matthew C. Harris. (2017). “Maternal Stress and Birth Outcomes: Evidence from the 1994 Northridge Earthquake.”  Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization140, 354-373.

Bruce, Donald J., Celeste K. Carruthers, Matthew C. Harris, Matthew N. Murray and Jinseong Park (2019) “Do In-Kind Grants Stick? The Department of Defense 1033 program and local government spending.” Journal of Urban Economics (112), 111-121.

Harris, Matthew C., Yinan Liu and Ian McCarthy (2020) “Capacity Constraints and Time Allocation in Public Health Clinics” Health Economics 29(3) 2020 324-336.

Harris, Matthew C., Lawrence M. Kessler, Matthew N. Murray, and M. Beth Glenn (2020) “Prescription Opioids and Labor Market PainsJournal of Human Resources 55(4) 1319-1364.